2.5 Months To Go!

August 13th is coming up quickly! At this point I’m equal parts SO EXCITED for people to read THE ART OF FALLING IN LOVE and TERRIFIED of people reading my work. It feels very intimate, you know?

So what have I been up to lately?

The answer is a lot! Ghostwriting has been taking up a lot of my time these past few weeks. I’ve been averaging 3000+ words per day, which is pretty big for me.

I’ve also been having a blast working with my two Write Mentor mentees. I learn so much from other writers, and it’s awesome to see their stories grow.

As far as preparation for TAOFIL goes, we’re getting so close! The pre-order links for both the paperback and e-book versions are live. I should get ARCs in the next few weeks, and OH MY GOSH that’s crazy. I also have some bookmarks and stickers that I’m pretty proud of that I’d love to send over to anyone who has pre-ordered my little book! Contact me here or on Twitter if you’d like a set.


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