I was approved on Edelweiss for an e-ARC of Sandhya Menon’s newest upcoming release, There’s Something About Sweetie. I am a huge fan of her YA books, and this one is extra special because it follows characters we first met in When Dimple Met Rishi! 

This book follows Sweetie, a fat girl who also happens to be the fastest runner on her track team. Her life is great, minus the fact that her mom can’t get over the fact Sweetie’s not a size 2.

Ashish is Dimple’s rebellious younger brother, but he’s not feeling so rebellious ever since he had his heart pulverized by an older girl.

Just like Menon’s other books, Ashish and Sweetie’s stories are closely intertwined with their Indian culture and their parents’ unique expectations. There are so many sweet moments between the two of them where they lay their hearts on the line and are very genuine with each other. If you were less of a fan of Ashish in Dimple, be prepared to take that back. He’s swoon worthy in this companion novel.

But, as the title suggests, the real stand out of this novel is Sweetie. She’s kind to everyone around her, respectful of her parents even when they make it very hard, smart, and best of all she loves herself unabashedly. She’s the perfect role model for any teen or teen-at-heart, and you’ll find yourself cheering for her the entire time.

Read this book!


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